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Follow Your Arrow
Jessica Verdi | Author and Editor

Follow Your Arrow

(Coming to bookstores March 2, 2021!!)

CeCe Ross is kind of a big deal.

She and her girlfriend, Silvie, are social media influencers with zillions of fans and followers, known for their cute outfits and being #relationshipgoals.

So when Silvie breaks up with her, CeCe is devastated. She’s lost her first love, and now she can’t help but wonder if she’ll lose her followers as well.

Things get even messier when CeCe meets Josh, a new boy in town who is very much Not Online. CeCe isn’t surprised to be falling for a guy; she’s always known she’s bi. And Josh is sweet and smart and has excellent taste in donuts…but he has no idea that CeCe is internet-famous. And CeCe sort of wants to keep it that way.

But when CeCe’s secrets catch up to her, she finds herself in the middle of an online storm, where she’ll have to confront the blurriness of public vs. private life, and figure out what it really means to speak her truth.

Perfect for fans of Becky Albertalli, this is a riveting and irresistible take on love, life, and identity—both online and off.


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“Frames solid debates about the pros and cons of social media in believable dialogue while app posts at the end of every chapter cleverly illustrate what is happening in CeCe’s online life … The personal and political issues around CeCe’s bisexuality are deftly handled. Typical high school experiences like prom and awkward encounters with exes are seamlessly woven into the plot—with a rainbow twist … A page-turning exploration of the perils of social media and the complexities of sexuality.” — Kirkus Reviews


“Verdi addresses sexual identity and cancel culture in this accessible and entertaining novel. Readers will enjoy the relatable and authentic characters, who are bisexual, straight, and lesbian, as well as the exciting climax of the novel. CeCe and Joshua are white, and Silvie is Latina. VERDICT: Recommended for public and high school libraries for readability and thoughtful examination of social identity and sexual ­orientation.” — School Library Journal

“Jess Verdi delivers a thoughtful story about love, heartbreak, and self-discovery. I was cheering on CeCe as she found her voice to stand up for what she believes in and—as importantly—for herself. Follow Your Arrow shot straight into my heart, in the best possible way.” — Elizabeth Eulberg, international bestselling author of Better Off Friends


“Jessica Verdi has created an unforgettable character in CeCe. She is enterprising and socially conscious, but also very relatable. Readers will root for her as she navigates first loves, heartbreaks, and identity in the online age. Follow Your Arrow is definitely a must-add to any YA bookshelf.” — Sabina Khan, author of The Love and Lies of Rukhsana Ali


“Both sweet and empowering, Jessica Verdi’s Follow Your Arrow reminds us that the best path we can take is the one that’s uniquely all our own.” — Ashley Herring Blake, author of the Lambda Literary award finalist Girl Made of Stars


“Follow Your Arrow is an incredibly important, relevant, and identity-affirming novel in both internet and LGBT culture, two very prominent attributes in the lives of so many. As CeCe grows to prioritize herself and her heart, readers are reminded to take care of themselves, too.” — Andrew King, bookseller, University Bookstore, Seattle


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