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Welcome to My Brand New Blog

Welcome to my brand new author site and blog! This is the place where I’ll be blogging about all things YA — writing, my experiences, my thoughts on the industry, the books I’m reading now, and a lot more.

But let’s face it — I won’t just be writing about books. I’ve also been known to be something of a television junkie, so I’m sure there will be several occasions where I just won’t be able to stop myself from sharing my thoughts on the latest episodes of my favorite shows. Actually, as I write this, I can’t stop thinking about last night’s Vampire Diaries. Seriously, that fire at the end? My heart is still broken…


This is the space where I’ll be blogging about the various topics that skeet their way through my brain, so I hope you’ll continue to come back from time to time to read and comment. In the meantime, I also blog over at Teen Writers Bloc, a YA and MG blog started by The New School Writing for Children MFA class of 2012. The opinions over there are just as varied as the topics, so check it out!

Thanks for visiting my website. Until next time…


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