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Kindle Edition of ‘My Life After Now’ on Sale at Amazon!

My Life After Now Kindle editionEven though we KNOW we’re not supposed to do it, that it just causes more strife and stress (there’s even a Twitter account called “Don’t Go To Goodreads,” which tweets out reminders to authors that nothing good can come of reading less-than-favorable reviews of our books), we authors just can’t help ourselves: eeeevery once in a while, we check out Goodreads and Amazon to see what people are saying about our book. And monitor that pesky Amazon ranking, of course. So yesterday, as I was taking a little break from revising The Summer I Wasn’t Me, I did just that. And it actually proved beneficial — I discovered My Life After Now is part of Amazon’s Summer Sale! The Kindle edition, for a limited time, is selling for $2.99.

The spot on the sale page means more exposure, and the lower price means more sales, so I couldn’t be more excited. Just this morning the book was ranked #14 in its sales category. That’s awesome — because it means the book is suddenly reaching readers it wouldn’t have otherwise.Screen shot of Amazon sales ranking

So thanks, Amazon and Sourcebooks Fire, for including My Life After Now in the Summer Sale! And for those of you who haven’t gotten a chance to read the book yet, be sure to get it before the price goes back up! 🙂

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